You don’t have to travel to Japan to use a revolutionary toilet!

Use the Washloo at The Disability Resource Centre, North Wales

Here at the Disability Resource Centre we have the luxury Washloo® in our customer toilets!

So, what exactly does the Washloo do? – well it does just about everything for your personal hygiene!

The Washloo is a revolutionary complete toilet unit with a built in electric bidet toilet seat.  It has revolutionized the traditional toilet experience, giving the toilet seat a hygienic facelift, and bringing in to the 21st century.

Washloo, have a simple yet effective take on life and that is being Cleaner, Greener and doing it intelligently. The company is based in Holywell Flintshire and proud to be the UK’s only domestic brand, and it is a family run business.

Washloo is not just a luxury item that every household need’s but also gives a contemporary twist for existing toilets/bathrooms resulting in a modern modification without having to change your whole toilet unit.

Washloo is helping to empower and restore dignity across the UK for the elderly and disabled and have helped so many to ensure that they are given the best opportunity to not only feel clean, but be clean with little effort whether it be limited mobility, blindness or paraplegia.

It is easy to use with controls just by the seat or if a person needs help it can be used by remote control making it easy for the carer to care for their client

Washloo have undertaken all the necessary CE approvals and RoHS certifications to ensure all products comply with all European regulations and safety standards so you can have peace of mind

Washloo are revolutionising the traditional toilet experience, giving the toilet seat a hygienic facelift – and you don’t have to go to Japan for it, it’s available at the Disability Resource Centre!

If you would like to experience this revolutionary new toilet just call into the Disability Resource Centre and you can use it in the privacy of our toilets.

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