Ways Your Vehicle Can Be Adapted for Mobility Support


If you require mobility support, adapting your vehicle to suit your needs may be the best option for you. Vehicle adaptations can include alterations to the steering wheel, pedal area and adaptations to support you whilst getting in and out of the vehicle. 

Hand Controls

To make it easier for you to control the vehicle, hand controls can be added to the steering wheel area. These can also be added to avoid having to use legs to operate the vehicle. Hand controls are used alongside steering aids too. This allows the driver to accelerate and brake with their right hand and steer using their left. 

Typically, hand controls are fitted as a push or pull lever. There are also air compression and electric systems available for vehicles too. 

Seat Adaptations

To assist when entering and leaving a vehicle easily, seat adaptations can be added to your vehicle. These can include swivel chairs, a carony system that lets you transfer from wheelchair to car seat without the need of lifting, and space for extra leg room. 

Rotating Car Seat

For easy entrance in a vehicle, adaptation can be made to the seats. The seat can rotate out so the user doesn’t have to twist their body entering and leaving the vehicle. 

Swivel Seat

A swivel seat has the variety to electronically raise and lower, as well as rotate out of the vehicle so the user can get in the seating position comfortably. Your vehicle can be assessed to ensure the correct seat adaptation can be made to your vehicle and ensure these changes are tailored well for you.  

Extra Legroom

If you require additional leg room when inside a vehicle, you may have the option to adapt your vehicle for extra legroom, providing a more comfortable position for you when driving.  This adaptation can be made on either the driver or passenger side. 


There are also a range of handy accessories to use in your vehicle, giving you a helping hand when entering and leaving. 

The Handy Bar

The Handy Bar is just one of them, which is used to assist when you exit from a car door. This bar fits the majority of vehicles, fitted with a “U” shaped striker. This item can also be used as a seat belt cutter for breaking glass for emergencies in accidents. 


A simple side step can also be added to your vehicle, which can be fitted just beneath your door frame. Electric options are also available too and can be used to simply and easily enter and exit the vehicle.If you need to transfer a mobility scooter or wheelchair in and out a vehicle, access ramps are also available for this. 


Hoists are designed to help transport someone in and out a vehicle safely and comfortbaly. These are designed as a sling and can be used for two or three-door vehicles, as well as the option for boot hoists for transporting mobility equipment such as mobility scooters and wheelchairs.