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Wheelchair Bag With Crutch Pocket


Wheelchair or Scooter Bag with Crutch Pocket

This Wheelchair Bag with Crutch Pocket has been cleverly designed to give wheelchair users a convenient and safe way of storing and carrying their crutches or walking sticks.

This Wheelchair Crutch Bag is made from sturdy, high quality polyester and has an impressive capacity of 27 litres. Designed to be attached to the rear of a wheelchair, the bag has an extra-deep pocket and a zip-top over the main compartment, plus an easy-access rear pocket for smaller items that may be needed in a hurry. The fabric is waterproof, making it well suited for use on journeys outdoors and the side pouch will accommodate a pair of crutches or walking sticks. (Note that adjustable walking aids should be reduced to their minimum height setting for maximum safety and convenience when travelling).

Product Specification
  • One Wheelchair Bag with Crutch Pocket
  • Capacity: 27 litres
  • Waterproof hard wearing fabric construction
  • Special pocket for carrying crutches or sticks
  • Bag attaches easily and quickly to rear of wheelchair
  • Dimensions: 400mm x 450mm x 140mm (16″ x 18″ x 5.5″)
  • Maximum load: 7kg (15.4 lb)
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