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Lotion Applicator

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Lotion Applicator

If your loved one struggles with reaching and needs some assistance in applying lotion to particular areas, then the Lotion Applicator may be the perfect solution for them.

It has an extra long handle which is easy to grasp and control, enabling the Lotion Applicator to do the reaching for them.

It also has 19 rolling balls that helps to apply the lotion evenly to their body and hard to reach areas such as the back and lower legs, without the need for stretching.

  • Helps you to apply lotion to your body
  • Rolling balls enable an even application
  • Long handle reduces the need to stretch
Product Specification
  • Height: 3.2cm
  • Length: 45.7cm
  • Width: 9.5cm
  • Product weight: 0.15kg
  • Additional dimensions: Length: 349mm (13¾)
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