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Long Handled Bath Brush


Long Handled Bath Brush

This Long Handled Bath Brush is a light, well balanced brush that has been designed to help you reach your back, legs and those other difficult to reach parts of your body easily and effectively.

The brush has soft bristles that are firm enough to ensure that the skin is cleaned effectively but without any scratching or irritation. The handle of the brush is shaped to allow it to be gripped gently yet firmly without the need for extra pressure being required. A hanging loop at the end of the handle allows the brush to be hung up to dry after use.

Product Specification
  • One Long Handled Bath Brush
  • Lightweight but well balanced bath brush
  • Soft bristles clean without scratching
  • Reach those hard to get areas with ease
  • Shaped handle reduces pressure required
  • Hanging loop for easy storage
  • Brush length: 380mm (15″)
  • Brush weight: 150 gms
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