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Bendable Fork

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Bendable Fork

This Bendable Fork is a highly cost effective, soft cushion grip, easy to hold fork.

The handle is made from TPR rubber which is lightweight, extremely durable and dishwasher proof. It has a stainless steel flexible section which allows it to be bent to any angle therefore reducing the strain placed on the wrists and hands, making this Bendable Fork ideal for user”s who suffer with arthritis. This is the Black handled Bendable Fork, a Red handled fork is also available.

Product Specification
  • One Bendable Fork
  • Handle Colour: BLACK
  • Ideal for users who suffer with arthritis
  • Extremely lightweight and durable TPR rubber handle
  • Stainless steel fork head
  • Bent to any angle reducing the strain on the wrists and hands
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Weight: 80 grams
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