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Aidapt Seat Belt Helper

This Adapt easy-to-use Seat Belt Helper is a simple and effective solution for car drivers or passengers with weakened hands and wrists or with stiffness in the back, neck, shoulder or hips.

Blue Badge Company Red Spotty Display Wallet Parking Permit Holder

A Blue Badge Company wallet is a stylish way to protect, store and display a disabled parking permit.

Fifth Gear Rotary Transfer Cushion

The Swivel Seat Cushion provides assistance making it easier to swing legs and hips around when getting in and out of the car. The comfortable soft padded cushion is great for long trips.

Mobility scooter waterproof cover

Treat your mobility scooter to some all-over protection with this waterproof cover.

NRS Healthcare Handy Bar Car Transfer Aid

Soft grip, non-slip handy bar is a useful mobility aid which provides added comfort and support when transferring in or out of a car.

Radar Key

Radar keys are suitable for disabled toilet door locks. The National Key Scheme (NKS) offers disabled people independent access to locked public toilets around the country.

Sticker - Please do not park too close wheelchair access needed

  • Made using only high quality 5/7 year branded outdoor grade vinyl
  • Easy to fit
  • Approx 200 mm
  • Made and Dispatched by Ellis Graphix

Suction Cup Dipping Interior Car Mirror

  • Having complete visibility when driving your car is essential to safely reach your destination. A trusty rear view mirror increases the driver’s visibility and eliminates most blind spots
  • Simply Brand’s easy to fit and remove rear view mirrors are attached by safe to use suction cups to the windscreen; ideal for replacement and first time interior mirrors
  • The 210 x 50 mm mirror compact size guarantees no significant obstruction to the driver’s visibility while enhancing rear perception at all times
  • Its flexible design allows for quick, easy, and effortless dipping of the angle of the mirror with your hand, while firmly remaining in position

Wedge Cushion for Back Support

  • MAXIMUM WELL-BEING - Are you sitting almost 1/3 of your day? But then that should be upright and very comfortable!
  • TESTER CONFIRM: EXACTLY THE RIGHT SHAPE AND HARDNESS - Through multi-step processes with testers we have a unique blend for maximum comfort developed. The seat cushion is not too hard and not too soft.
  • NO SLIP, SWEAT & lint - You like to sit with comfort but also "totally chic"? The anti-slip knobs on the bottom, the cushion does not slip.
  • IN THE CAR - The seat bolsters can be ideally used as a car seat cushions for height boost and as an office chair cushions.
  • QUALITY & DESIGN PROTECTED - For other seat cushion, customers often desire a different hardness or reference. For this reason, we have fully developed our pillows with testers and our design no. 006405189-0001 protected.
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