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Aidapt 4 inch Senator Raised Toilet Seat

The Aidapt 4 inch Senator Raised Toilet Seat is a convenient, ergonomically designed raised toilet seat designed to fit the majority of UK toilet bowl shapes

Aidapt Essex Adjustable Commode Chair Black and Brown

The Essex Commode Chair is height adjustable and stackable; a neat and practical commode chair manufactured to exacting standards and suitable for use as a bedroom commode or bathroom commode.

Bottom Wiper

Designed to aid those whose dexterity is limited, our extended reach wiper features a generous 15" length and an ergonomic grip and shape for bathroom cleanliness.

NRS Healthcare Male Urinal Bottle

This NRS Healthcare G47469 Male Urinal Bottle is a clear polypropylene urine bottle with a handle and snap on lid. Ideal for travel, can be used, sealed then emptied and washed later. Graduated markings for output recording. 125 g weight and 1 litre capacity.

Radar Key

Radar keys are suitable for disabled toilet door locks. The National Key Scheme (NKS) offers disabled people independent access to locked public toilets around the country.
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