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Ability Superstore Long Handled Sponge 24.5-inch Length

The comfortable broad handle on the bath sponge makes it easier to grip and is perfect for those who find it difficult to bend to wash their lower limbs. The handle can be bent to shape by carefully using boiling water or a hair dryer to bend the handle to the desired shape. Approximately length 24.5 inches.

Aidapt Shower Stool

The Aidapt Strood Shower Stool is a high quality shower stool and with a weight limit of 25 stone is generously designed for heavy duty use

Arm cast and bandage protector

Adult Arm Waterproof Plaster Cast & Dressing Cover. Protection During Shower & Bath.

Full leg cast and bandage protector

The LimbO has a soft, flexible neoprene seal making it easier to put on, more comfortable and safer to wear than alternatives.

TensCare Thermo Duck

The Digi Duckling floats on the surface of the water, providing you with an accurate digital water temperature reading.
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