How to choose a Rollator

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What is a Rollator?

To put it in simple terms a rollator is a walking aid with a wheel at the end of each leg. There are three wheel and four wheel rollators available. Usually they come with a handy pouch for storage and the four wheeled rollators come with a seat.

The three wheel model is perfect for indoors as its tidy and easily manoeuvrable around objects in the home such as doors and tricky areas like hallways. They can also be used outdoors.

The four wheel rollator is perfect for outdoors – it is larger than the three wheeler and has a seat which is perfect for the user if they need to take a rest, they can also be used indoors. They fold up for easy storage in the boot of a car making trips out much more pleasurable.

How to Choose a Rollator

When purchasing a rollator there are many factors to take into consideration, such as should you get a three wheel or four wheel?  Where you are intending to use it, and will you need a seat? Your own weight and height.

You may like to consider some of these points:

  • If you want it for indoor use, then the three wheel rollators would be the best option they are lighter and have a tighter turning radius.
  • Think about the size of your house as this may  have an impact on the width of your rollator if there are narrow spaces in your kitchen or bathroom then the three wheel rollator is the one to choose as they can be partially collapsed to fit through tight spaces.
  • Do you need a seat? All four wheel models have seats and are more stable. If it important you have a seat, then you need to go for a four wheel model think about the shape and material of the seat. Padded and contoured seats are far more comfortable than hard plastic seats.
  • Are you going to be out and about? Then the four wheel model is the one to choose they are wider than the three wheel model and sturdier for outdoor use.
  • All rollators are height adjustable ensuring the correct position for your height. Your  retailor should be able to adjust the rollator to the correct height for you.
  • When choosing a rollator look for both the weight capacity and the overall product weight. Be sure you are comfortably under the weight capacity of the product to ensure it will support you correctly (this applies to all mobility products). The overall product weight is important if you must lift it into a car or upstairs.
  • The weight of the rollator will depend on its construction as the steel frame variety are much heavier than the aluminium. As a rule, the steel framed rollator is cheaper than the aluminium model.

Once you are happy with the type you need then go to a reputable dealer who will go through the options for you as well as the safety measures i.e. brakes and wheels.

If you are a first time user then you will be amazed at the difference a rollator can make to your mobility and you will enjoy getting about more.

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