Funding Organisations – Where To Get Help


Are you looking for mobility or disability support and funding? Well, this post shares some of the organisations that provide exactly this. From support for those with learning difficulties, to their families too, there are many organisations and programs out there that provide support.

MS Society

The MS Society funds world-leading research and supports those experiencing MS with the help they need. This is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Other avenues they have introduced to help include support groups, finding a healthcare provider, benefits, insurance and employment possibilities too. 

Sometimes, grants are offered to help cover costs. Ways to get funding support include the Local MS Society group grants and by contacting the MS Helpline. 

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Steve Morgan Foundation 

Founded in 2021, the Steve Morgan Foundation supports projects that help children and families, those with physical or learning difficulties and the elderly. 

This foundation has already provided over 2000 grants and over 3 million people have been supported. Steve Morgan, founder of the foundation shared that “the focus is to gain maximum impact on the quality of life, to ensure the Foundation is making a difference.” 

The Steve Morgan Foundation provides funding such as regional grants, major grants, Enable and Smiley Bus. 

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SSAFA helps provide practical, financial and emotional support for both veterans and their families. This isn’t all. SSAFA can also provide welfare and benefits, disability support and mental wellbeing support too. 

Within their disability support, SSAFA provides housing during physical rehabilitation, supporting friends and family members of those going through rehabilitation. 

SSAFA works alongside partners, which allows them to reach vulnerable veterans, service men, women and families to help them transform their lives and assist them with any support they need. 

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