Introducing Bugzi North Wales

Bugzi is a powered wheelchair for children up to about 6 years old and is now available free of charge to children, their families and schools across North Wales.

Bugzi is primarily an indoor wheelchair and can be used in your home, garden, school playground, local park or shopping centre etc. to support learning and enhanced independence, social integration and participation in age-appropriate activities.

As Bugzi is easily transported in a vehicle it can be used in a variety of places enabling children to move about their environment, providing valuable experiences for cognitive and social development.

The North Wales Mobility & Driving Assessment Service (Charity 1056588) are proud to be working in partnership with MERU (Charity 251051) to offer no cost assessment and free provision of Bugzi across North Wales.

Who can use a Bugzi?

Bugzi is suitable for children up to 25kgs or with a maximum lower leg measurement (back of knee to heal) of 33cm.

Bugzi is intuitive to use through joystick or control switches, and the needs of each individual will be assessed by our Occupational Therapist before supply of Bugzi, along with training and on-going support, meaning that Bugzi can be successfully accessed by those children with complex needs.

Bugzi also uses the ActiveDesign mini CAPS seating system which provides multiple levels of postural support.

Online Application forms can be completed by a parent/guardian or child’s professional and are available at: or call the North Wales Mobility & Driving Assessment Service for more information – Tel: 01745 584858 -

Usually, a £100 deposit is requested during the loan period and this money is fully refunded at the end of the Loan scheme when Bugzi has been retuned. If you are unable to pay the deposit please contact us as we are committed to our loan scheme being equally accessible to all families, regardless of financial or home situations.

Once you have successfully completed an assessment with our Occupational Therapist, you will be able to take your own Bugzi home with you and can keep your Bugzi for as long as you need during your development years….………….and if someone else likes the look of Bugzi, tell them how wonderful Bugzi is, so they can apply themselves!

Take a look for yourself

Mobility Scooter Hire at the Disability Resource Centre

Hire Mobility Equipment at The Disability Resource Centre

Sometimes it makes more sense, and it can be more cost effective, to hire equipment rather than buy it.

For example, you might only need equipment for a week or two to help you recover after a hospital stay or illness. We are here to help!Here at The Disability Resource Centre we hire out a range of reasonably priced equipment such as:
  • mobility scooters
  • wheelchairs
  • hoists
  • commodes and more!
Hiring disability equipment for a holiday or day out can sometimes seem a little daunting. Simply phone or email, give us your details and payment and we will do the rest… ensuring your hire is stress free and easy.The equipment you require will be waiting for you at your chosen destination with a tag with your name on… it couldn’t be simpler.We hire out to most areas of the North Wales coast on a daily or weekly basis to places such as hotels, holiday camps/cottages, clubs, training suites as well as residential addresses.We have 9 hire scooters on our hire fleet, 7 standard size and 2 boots scooters. The mobility scooters speeds range from 4-8mph. If you have a preference or any special requirements, please let us know at the time of booking.We do get booked up fairly quickly in the Summer months so don’t delay and book today!We have lots of repeat customers who use our hire services year after year, and for this we are very grateful. We must be doing something right!?Never heard of us?? Well here is a little bit about us…We are a registered Charity Situated on the grounds of Glan Clwyd Hospital Bodelwyddan. We cover the whole of the North Wales area. We hire various equipment, provide mobility aids, sell a vast selection of equipment and service and repair equipment for people with disabilities, sensory impairments and chronic conditions.
Get in touch if we can help in any way!T: 01745 341 967 E:
Disability Resource Centre Wales - Wheelchair Safety in Winter

Staying Safe On Your Wheelchair This Winter

Wheelchair Safety Advice from The Disability Resource Centre:

Winter is coming so now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can stay safe when using your wheelchair this winter.

Here are a few points you might like consider if you are going to be travelling in your wheelchair this winter.

1. Plan your journey

When going on a journey no matter how far it is important to stay safe in your wheelchair in winter so plan your journey ahead of time.Look at the weather predictions and available routes that you can travel. Choose where you want to go and figure out the safest method of reaching your destination when considering the weather reports.This way, whilst the weather might not look terrible outside at the time you depart (it has a habit of changing), you can ensure that you are prepared for as many sudden changes as possible.

2. Pay attention to your surroundings

As you know, during winter the ground may be flooded, it may be icy or covered in snow.Because of that, it is really important that you keep an eye out on your surroundings when you are travelling in your wheelchair. Obstacles like black ice can be hard to see, so bare this in mind when travelling.

3. Stock up

When you are out for the day and the weather has taken turned for the worse, it can be important to have some extra items with you. This can be helpful in the case of an emergency, as you won’t be stuck without the tools and items that you need.Make batteries sure they are fully charged. It is also a good idea to bring snacks and drinks with you as wellWe would also suggest that you pack enough medication so that you don’t have to worry about not having the right amount when you are out for the day.

4. Take some extra clothing

For example, take a waterproof capes or a wheelchair poncho to help to keep you comfortable and dry in bad weather.Wearing some leather wheelchair gloves can also be a really good idea if you are using a manual wheelchair. This is especially true when you consider the potential for a very strong chill.It may be of use to pack an extra jumper or coat.

5. Get your wheelchair serviced

It is a good to get your wheelchair serviced before the winter to make sure the batteries and brakes etc are working correctly.  Contact our Service & Repair department for more information   
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