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How To Make Your Bathroom More Disability Friendly 

Making a bathroom more disability-friendly involves creating an environment that is accessible, safe, and accommodating for individuals with disabilities. We have consolidated some tips to help you make your bathroom more disability-friendly. 


One of the issues with shower and bath surfaces is the risk of slipping. To reduce this, placing non-slip mats is essential. To ensure the user can easily enter the shower, there is an option to avoid using a step and fit the shower at the same level as the flooring. These are often referred to as a wet room. This will reduce any risk of the individual tripping or having to step into the shower. 

To avoid having to stand up in the shower, you can purchase shower stools so you are able to sit down in the shower area.


If you are fitting a bath into your bathroom, instead of stepping over the high wall, you can get a door that swings open for easy access into the bath. Plus, these can be fitted with seats so the user doesn’t have to lay down or stand. This will provide a more comfortable experience for the individual. 

You can also get bath lifts to help the individual enter and leave the bath space. 


If you are in a wheelchair, of course you will need to have plenty of room to access and manoeuvre round the bathroom. You may need to fit wider door frames too! 

If you are struggling to find the space, removing cabinets on the ground, such as under the sink may create more room and make it easier for wheelchairs to move around. An expert in this area will be able to assess your room situation and advise on the best layout. 


Adding accessories that are going to help with motability is a perfect way to ensure the user feels more comfortable in their home. Items can include handrails, steps, non-slip mats and easy reach handles to minimise risk of straining when stretching. 

Overall, bathrooms can be adapted in a plethora of ways to suit the individual. So, it’s best to target what you think will benefit the user the most and find the appropriate details to use in their bathroom, supporting their disability and mobility needs.

If you are or know someone who is looking to adapt their bathroom to be more disability friendly, it’s a good idea to consult professionals such as occupational therapists or accessibility experts. This will allow them to provide expert advice on how your bathroom layout can be adapted.

We have a plethora of bath and shower products to help those who need addiotnal support in the bathroom. If you have any questions about our products, please do get in touch.

Christmas at The Disability Resource Centre, North Wales

Christmas gift ideas for your nearest and dearest

Well it’s that time of year again when we are all trying to think of appropriate, useful, or fun things to give as gifts to our loved ones this Christmas. There are times when you just can't think of something but if you have an older or disabled person to buy for why not have a look at some living aids which often are so simple it’s hard to understand the difference they can make to a person.Here are a few suggestions or you:The tipper kettle is light weight and easy to use for the person who has limited use of their hands Ergonomic Uccello Kettle Tipper
The two handled china cup great for a nice cup of tea and so much nicer than the plastic versionPerformance Health Two Handled Cup and Saucer
For the pet lover how about a long handle pet bowl which makes it easy for a person lift the bowl without bending overARAD No More Bending Dual Pet Bowl – Perfect Food Station for Those with Limited Mobility
A practical gift could be a walking stick a nice cheerful colourful one will cheer up your friend in no timeVive Walking Stick - Adjustable for Men and Women - Various colours and designs
Another practical gift for a person who suffers from swollen feet are these slippers which can cleverly be loosened around the heel or instepSurf 4 Shoes Mens Ladies Black Very Wide E/5E Opens Out Flat Memory Foam Touch Fastening Slippers Non Slip 
Some ideas for a stocking filler what about a long handled back scratcher one end and a shoehorn on the otherAll-in-One Long Shoe Horn & Back Scratcher in 4 Colours
Or what about this yellow duck thermometer perfect if there is a new baby in the houseJAOK Baby Bath Thermometer
We have many more gift ideas in the shop.  If you are stuck why not give us a call and we will be more than happy help with a few suggestions.
Wrap up everything in pretty paper and bows and enjoy Christmas!
Use the Washloo at The Disability Resource Centre, North Wales

You don’t have to travel to Japan to use a revolutionary toilet!

Here at the Disability Resource Centre we have the luxury Washloo® in our customer toilets!

So, what exactly does the Washloo do? - well it does just about everything for your personal hygiene!The Washloo is a revolutionary complete toilet unit with a built in electric bidet toilet seat.  It has revolutionized the traditional toilet experience, giving the toilet seat a hygienic facelift, and bringing in to the 21st century.Washloo, have a simple yet effective take on life and that is being Cleaner, Greener and doing it intelligently. The company is based in Holywell Flintshire and proud to be the UK's only domestic brand, and it is a family run business.Washloo is not just a luxury item that every household need’s but also gives a contemporary twist for existing toilets/bathrooms resulting in a modern modification without having to change your whole toilet unit.Washloo is helping to empower and restore dignity across the UK for the elderly and disabled and have helped so many to ensure that they are given the best opportunity to not only feel clean, but be clean with little effort whether it be limited mobility, blindness or paraplegia.It is easy to use with controls just by the seat or if a person needs help it can be used by remote control making it easy for the carer to care for their clientWashloo have undertaken all the necessary CE approvals and RoHS certifications to ensure all products comply with all European regulations and safety standards so you can have peace of mindWashloo are revolutionising the traditional toilet experience, giving the toilet seat a hygienic facelift - and you don’t have to go to Japan for it, it’s available at the Disability Resource Centre!
If you would like to experience this revolutionary new toilet just call into the Disability Resource Centre and you can use it in the privacy of our toilets.
Find out more about Luxury Smart Toilets and Electric Bidet Toilet Seats by Washloo
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