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Fun Day – September 3rd 2022

Our annual Family Fun Day is coming up on Saturday 3rd September at Rhyl Botanical Gardens. Lots of fun activities. All welcome!

Mobility Scooter Training

On June 17th 2022 we will be holding a mobility scooter training session at Ffordd Las Community Centre Rhyl from 2pm

The session will cover things like

  • Highway code
  • Road safety
  • Advice on basic maintenance
  • Advice on buying a new or used scooter
  • Knowing your way around a mobility scooter


  • Training on how to use your scooter when out and about

This course is FREE

Places are limited so please call 01745 341967 to book a place

February Mobility Scooter Sale


Starts 1st Feb 2022


While stocks last!

Mobility Scooter Hire at the Disability Resource Centre


Disability Resource Centre - Equipment Hire


  • Full Service
  • Tyre Check
  • Battery Check
  • Valet

All the above for only £55

Free local collection & delivery available.

Get in touch

Offer vilid 1st February 2022 until 28th February 2022

Keeping your child safe at Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time for children and adults alike, however, children with disabilities can find it more difficult.

What do Blue Buckets at Halloween mean?

Halloween is an exciting time of year for many autistic children and adults, but it can also be difficult for people with autism who struggle with unexpected changes or for those who are sensitive to noise, light and touch.

Back in 2018, a mother posted an image on social media of a blue pumpkin with the message, “If you see someone who appears to be an adult dressed up to trick-or-treat this year carrying this blue bucket, he’s our son! His name is BJ & he is autistic. While he has the body of a 21-year-old, he loves Halloween,”

She added, “Please help us keep his spirit alive & happy. So, when you see the blue bucket share a piece of candy. Spread awareness! These precious people are not “too big” to trick or treat,”.

The post went viral, gaining a lot of attention and support from the autism community and beyond.

These Blue Trick or Treat buckets are a signal to householders that the person carrying it has autism and may not be able to communicate as well as other children. These buckets are available to purchase online from sites such as Amazon and from some high street shops.

While some disagree with the practice, stating it labels children, as with a lot of things, it’s a choice that should be decided on the individual’s unique situation.

Read more about how the Blue Bucket / Blue Pumpkin initiative began, along with some tips on how to be mindful of children and young people with Autism here:

As it’s the first celebration we have during the dark nights it’s a great time to get all the children together for a bit of a party, but like every other occasion there are some safety steps we need to keep in mind:



Halloween costumes can be great fun and children love to dress up as witches and skeletons and all sorts of other characters.

When purchasing a costume for your child make sure it is flameproof and adheres to British Safety Standards. These safety symbols are usually displayed on the label.

Evenings can get chilly around the end of October with the average temperature falling to 9c so it’s always a good idea for youngsters to wear vests, tights or leggings under the costumes. It would also be wise to ensure children have warm footwear and jackets when playing outside. If your child is in a wheelchair a warm fleece blanket tucked around them will keep them snug and warm.



Keep children at a safe distance away from fireworks and always have a responsible adult light them. Don’t throw a firework into a bonfire and never go back to a firework that has failed to go off.

Keep a barrier between the child and a bonfire or fireworks and always supervise them.

Sparklers can reach temperatures as high as 2000C so children should be always supervised when holding one. A handy tip is to stick a sparkler into a carrot to make it safer and easier for small hands to hold. Remember to allow space and never wave a sparkler around too close to others.

If clothing catches fire, remember, Stop Drop and Roll. Cool any burns immediately under cold running water for at least ten minutes. If the burn is a large area get medical advice as soon as possible. If clothing has been burned don’t try to pull it away as it may be stuck to the burn if this is the case seek medical help.


Pumpkins are great fun and carving the scariest or funniest one can lead to lots of hilarity, however, care must be taken when using sharp knives. Get the children to draw on the pumpkin, let a responsible adult cut out the image, and let the child help scoop out the insides.

Now you have your pumpkin beautifully carved, it’s time to illuminate the design and put it on display. To avoid any accidents, don’t allow your child to carry a pumpkin with a lighted candle. If you prefer not to use tealights or candles, battery-powered candles are a good alternative to a live flame inside.



Absolutely great fun and excitement, and a much-anticipated activity for little people. A good suggestion would be to plan the route you wish to take, avoid dark areas (unlit by streetlights), and wear something reflective to ensure the child is seen by cars. Young children should always be accompanied by a responsible adult when going out trick or treating. If your child is wearing a mask, make sure they can see clearly through it.

Never enter a stranger’s home, respect people’s property, close gates and don’t walk on flower beds. Some people fear Halloween so don’t knock on doors that don’t have some sort of Halloween decoration outside.

ALWAYS check that the wrappers are sealed and have not been tampered with. Unfortunately, although it is a rare occurrence, sweets have been known to be replaced with something sinister. It’s always best to check the treats properly before letting a child eat them, especially if the child has allergies.

Although the list above seems to be quite comprehensive and we do almost all these things automatically, it’s no great harm to read through and remind ourselves to be on the safe side. As the excitement builds some simple safety precautions can often be overlooked.

Disability Resource Centre Fun-Day 2021

The weather was very kind to us for our Fun Day on Saturday (11th September) at Rhyl Botanical Gardens which was opened by the mayor of Rhyl Dianne King. The event was very well attended with people visiting from as far as Shropshire.

We hooked ducks, we bought jam & soap, we showed our dogs in a show ring, had our faces painted, had a go at Archery, drove around the mobility scooter obstacle course, tried tennis, bowling and boccia, did some exercise and cheered on the bands.

We would like to thank all who attended and who participated. The craft stalls were a big hit as was the dog show, with numerous beautiful well-behaved dogs attending.

The mobility scooter obstacle course was a huge hit with young and old alike.

Colwyn bowmen had a constant queue of people wanting to participate in some Archery.

Music was provided by the Silver Stars and the Ghostbuskers ukulele bands which were fab and entertained us all with tunes from the 60/70 and 80s as well as some up-to-date songs. We would like to thank Tape community who provided the sound.

There were lots of fun sporting activities like Boccia, archery, bowling and tennis for people to participate in. We had an energetic Pound exercise session which was lots of fun.

The staff in the café were run off their feet but did a sterling job serving teas, coffee, and cake.

A big thank you to all who worked so hard to make the day a huge success.

Here’s hoping to see you all again next year.

Fun-Day Gallery

Fun Day 2021

Join us next Saturday 11th September from 1 pm - 4pm at Rhyl Botanical Gardens for an afternoon of entertainment at our Fun Day.

Pride ‘Apex Rapid’ mobility scooter on sale at The Disability Resource Centre

New Pink Scooter In

Bored of drab colours and boring looking scooters then we have the answer...

Stand out from the crowd in this stylish limited edition PINK scooter!! It’s certainly a hit with staff here.

Pride ‘Apex Rapid’ mobility scooter on sale at The Disability Resource Centre for £899.00

Vehicle adaption at The Disability Resource Centre, North Wales

BBC news article: Disability Resource Centre car adaptions bring ‘freedom’ for work and family

Recent article on the BBC website about the Disability Resource Centre's car adaption service: 

From Songs of Praise to singing the praises... a TV presenter has thanked a charity for giving him his "freedom".

Actor and Songs of Praise presenter James Lusted, born with a rare form of dwarfism, has had his car fitted with the right tools to enable him to drive.

He was helped by a Denbighshire-based charity, which is now showing disabled people how they can get on the road by demonstrating how their vehicles can be adapted.

The Disability Resource Centre in Bodelwyddan has been providing advice and mobility equipment for more than 30 years but it has just bought a demonstration vehicle.

"I certainly wouldn't lead the life I live today without the independence of having a car," said Mr Lusted.

"If I didn't have my car I definitely wouldn't be able to do the job that I do and wouldn't be able to have family days out with my wife and daughter.

"I just wouldn't have the freedom that I have."

Christmas at The Disability Resource Centre, North Wales

Christmas gift ideas for your nearest and dearest

Well it’s that time of year again when we are all trying to think of appropriate, useful, or fun things to give as gifts to our loved ones this Christmas. There are times when you just can't think of something but if you have an older or disabled person to buy for why not have a look at some living aids which often are so simple it’s hard to understand the difference they can make to a person. Here are a few suggestions or you: The tipper kettle is light weight and easy to use for the person who has limited use of their hands   Ergonomic Uccello Kettle Tipper
The two handled china cup great for a nice cup of tea and so much nicer than the plastic version Performance Health Two Handled Cup and Saucer
For the pet lover how about a long handle pet bowl which makes it easy for a person lift the bowl without bending over ARAD No More Bending Dual Pet Bowl – Perfect Food Station for Those with Limited Mobility
A practical gift could be a walking stick a nice cheerful colourful one will cheer up your friend in no time Vive Walking Stick - Adjustable for Men and Women - Various colours and designs
Another practical gift for a person who suffers from swollen feet are these slippers which can cleverly be loosened around the heel or instep Surf 4 Shoes Mens Ladies Black Very Wide E/5E Opens Out Flat Memory Foam Touch Fastening Slippers Non Slip 
Some ideas for a stocking filler what about a long handled back scratcher one end and a shoehorn on the other All-in-One Long Shoe Horn & Back Scratcher in 4 Colours
Or what about this yellow duck thermometer perfect if there is a new baby in the house JAOK Baby Bath Thermometer
We have many more gift ideas in the shop.  If you are stuck why not give us a call and we will be more than happy help with a few suggestions.
Wrap up everything in pretty paper and bows and enjoy Christmas!
Buy Rollators at The Disability Resource Centre, North Wales

How to choose a Rollator

What is a Rollator?

To put it in simple terms a rollator is a walking aid with a wheel at the end of each leg. There are three wheel and four wheel rollators available. Usually they come with a handy pouch for storage and the four wheeled rollators come with a seat. The three wheel model is perfect for indoors as its tidy and easily manoeuvrable around objects in the home such as doors and tricky areas like hallways. They can also be used outdoors. The four wheel rollator is perfect for outdoors - it is larger than the three wheeler and has a seat which is perfect for the user if they need to take a rest, they can also be used indoors. They fold up for easy storage in the boot of a car making trips out much more pleasurable.

How to Choose a Rollator

When purchasing a rollator there are many factors to take into consideration, such as should you get a three wheel or four wheel?  Where you are intending to use it, and will you need a seat? Your own weight and height. You may like to consider some of these points:
  • If you want it for indoor use, then the three wheel rollators would be the best option they are lighter and have a tighter turning radius.
  • Think about the size of your house as this may  have an impact on the width of your rollator if there are narrow spaces in your kitchen or bathroom then the three wheel rollator is the one to choose as they can be partially collapsed to fit through tight spaces.
  • Do you need a seat? All four wheel models have seats and are more stable. If it important you have a seat, then you need to go for a four wheel model think about the shape and material of the seat. Padded and contoured seats are far more comfortable than hard plastic seats.
  • Are you going to be out and about? Then the four wheel model is the one to choose they are wider than the three wheel model and sturdier for outdoor use.
  • All rollators are height adjustable ensuring the correct position for your height. Your  retailor should be able to adjust the rollator to the correct height for you.
  • When choosing a rollator look for both the weight capacity and the overall product weight. Be sure you are comfortably under the weight capacity of the product to ensure it will support you correctly (this applies to all mobility products). The overall product weight is important if you must lift it into a car or upstairs.
  • The weight of the rollator will depend on its construction as the steel frame variety are much heavier than the aluminium. As a rule, the steel framed rollator is cheaper than the aluminium model.
Once you are happy with the type you need then go to a reputable dealer who will go through the options for you as well as the safety measures i.e. brakes and wheels.
If you are a first time user then you will be amazed at the difference a rollator can make to your mobility and you will enjoy getting about more.

A small selection of our favourite Rollators:

Drive R8 Red Aluminium Rollator with Padded Seat and Vinyl Underseat Bag Angel Mobility LIGHTWEIGHT ROLLATOR FOLDING TRI WALKER WALKING FRAME ZIMMER 3 WHEEL WALKER (Red) Weighs only 4.2 kg Drive Black Nitro Wheel Rollator with Backrest, Seat and bag (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK) Homecraft Folding Three Wheeled Rollator, Tri Walker with Lockable Cable Brakes, Carry Bag, Basket and Tray, Walking Mobility Aid, Lightweight Foldable Steel Frame, Thick Tyres, Quartz Days Deluxe Lightweight Folding Four Wheel Rollator, Rollator, Easy Storage and Travel, Carry Bag, Mobility Aids, Adjustable Seat Height 55 cm
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